what my clients say

I feel powerful to be myself. This is important to me because one of the limiting beliefs I had was powerlessness. After the session my perspective changed and I felt that my motivation is coming from a place of hope, joy and peace. Maria is a great therapist because she is not doing a job, she is serving you from the heart. Her energy is caring, loving and nonjudgmental. Thank you, Maria!

Michaela, 29  Years, Slovakia

I have been implementing Maria's advice and I am seeing gradual progress with the issue that I went to her. Maria has a great understanding of how the subconscious mind operates and her ability to put you into a hypnotic state is SUPERB!

Tim, 27 Years, UK

Right after the mind-blowing session I had with Maria, heavy bags have been lifted from my shoulders. I am ready to start and achieve my assignments throughout the day without anxiousness or procrastination. I wake up more motivated and energized. My life is constantly changing for the better! Maria, I cannot thank you enough!

Mona, 34 years, Romania

I realized I'm discovering something new in the hypnotic audio, every day! It's like hidden messages I gradually decode, I love it!

Ariel, 40 Years, Ireland

Maria builds fantastic empathy and rapport. I felt listen to and understood. In the session she guided me to find find the root cause of the issue I came for. That was so liberating and Maria showed me how much power I had to create the life I wanted. I feel completely transformed and powerful.

Zee, 27 years, Africa

I found myself actively taking steps in a few months that I had struggled to do over the past years. It was very transformational, and the results were so obvious to see. I would absolutely recommend her RTT program to individuals who feel stuck in a certain area of their life.

Ramona, 45 Years, Romania

Honestly, Maria, your transformational recording is fabulous! I'm enjoying it! It's really relevant to me. I love your voice and the pace you go. A really great balance between describing the new "me" I want to be and giving me instructions on how to get there. Its inspiring to me to take action and get on with things!

Jenny, 49 Years, UK

Maria accompanied me through a life-changing experience which led to understanding parts of myself, behaviors, colors of my personality that I have never even seen before. Maria also made a recording for me focused on the areas that I want to work on. You have a big heart and a genuine interest in helping others, and that's what makes it all easier. In addition to your knowledge and experience.

Era, 40 Years, Slovakia

Through her candid and respectful approach Maria really helped me to make peace with my inner child, allowing me to heal open wounds that I was not even aware I had and understand how they were negatively impacting my life in all aspects. Amazing therapist, amazing results, I really highly recommended her!

Francine, 40 Years, UK

Maria offered me a safe environment to heal a trauma related to a very frustrating journey of infertility, which was causing me pain and holding me back to enjoy fully my life. I fully recommend Maria and this type of therapy because it helped me to learn about my behaviors and beliefs system, and gave me the resources to move forward and enjoy life gain.

Linda, 35 Years, Slovakia

The session itself was life changing. I know that sounds very cliché, but I can’t find any other way to express it. I felt completely safe to share my feelings and issues with Maria. She’s been a huge catalyst for change, and I am so grateful to her.

Ramona, 45 Years, Romania

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