Yes and No and this is why 🙂

In both hypnosis and meditation, a person’s brainwaves can change from: Beta (mentally alert and focused day to day state) –> Alpha (daydreaming, creativity and idea generation, light hypnosis) –> sometimes even go to Theta (associated with sleep, deep hypnosis).

Usually hypnosis is a light trance state usually (Alpha) that is distinguished by increased suggestibility, heightened imagination, and a relaxation of the mind and body. Many people believe hypnosis is being asleep, but the two mental states are not the same. Unlike a sleeping person, a hypnotized one is alert at all times, focused inwards. You are aware of what’s happening around you, but you can tune out everything but the subject you’re focusing on.

Meditation refers to a wide variety of contemplative practices, ranging from focused meditation to breath control, visualization, or mantra recitations. These practices induce a state of self-awareness and inner calm, which can help a person sharpen its focus. Meditation teaches control over the internal state / change the state for the better.

So, are they the same?

YES, in the sense of them both:

— relaxing the body

— increasing the focus

— take the mind to an altered state (Alpha/Theta)

and NO in the sense of:

— the scope: in hypnosis, the person has a sharp focus and will use the suggestions to address the matters she chooses to resolve (for example, let go of limiting beliefs, stop smoking, sleep better etc). On the other hand, when you’re in a meditative state, your mind is also aware of everything, but you focus on your breath, on your hands and feet, or on an object. This will increase your self-awareness, and it might shed new light on your problems, but it won’t be extremely effective for treating a specific condition quickly, like quit smoking or overcoming phobias, fears etc.

— the induction manner: the hypnotherapist uses well-placed suggestions to help the client reach the hypnotic state and focus on their issues, whereas the meditation guide relies on the client’s ability to enter the meditative state.

Ultimately, as they both address the mind and the body, hypnosis and meditation are highly beneficial to any person.

Have a good day!